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Tinkering Tots Learning Center

A place for children to play, learn, and grow!

A home like center in a central location for Billings Families.


“Today you are you, that is truer than true, no one alive is youer than you.”

Dr. Suess

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Helping Students Grow


Tabitha Hines


Hi! I am a mother of 5 beautiful children, and married to the love of my life. I have been a licensed provider in Billings since 2008. What started as a way to provide for my family, has turned into a life long passion for watching children find their way in life. I have a degree in early childhood education. I believe every child deserves to learn and grow through play, love and exploration! I have been blessed over the last 15 years to create a huge family of all my past and current children. I look forward to the opportunity to serve more children in Billings!


Jessica Steele

Owner/Program Administrator

Hi! I am a mother of four, and a past healthcare worker. I have always loved teaching and working with children, even more so after having my own. Healthcare was always a passion of mine until after the pandemic, I felt I needed to be around my children more so I teamed up with Tabitha to provide quality childcare to the Billings community. I am extremely blessed to be able to work with the team that we have, I am excited to add more to our Tinkering Tots family. I believe education is never ending and I love to continuously push myself to learn everyday!


Diana Helmer


Miss Diana is a mother of five who has overcome many obstacles in her life. She is an amazing mother, teacher and friend. She has been apart of the Tinkering Tots family for over two years now. She enjoys being silly singing and dancing with the children, you can really see her passion. Diana grew up in California before moving to Montana with her sister and best friend, Tabitha. She has a huge heart and open mind to keep up on the current trainings needed to best serve our children.

Mission and Values

We thrive to provide a family like environment while still stimulating our childrens imagination and teaching them teamwork, accountability, and responsibility.

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